Too tough for my Nike Fuel Band!

Well, it seems I’m too tough for the Nike Fuel Band. My first one broke and was replaced by Nike after around 3 months, and this replacement has lasted around 6 months before it gave up yesterday. 😦

It says its charged fully, then a few hours later its dead and asks you to plug it in again.

The Nike Fuel Band tracks your activity whilst you wear it on your wrist, and clocks up ‘Fuel Points’. I’ve earned over 2 million and usually get between around 35,000 – 45,000 a week.

With a goal of 4,000 fuel points a day, I generally meet my target most days except rest days. And the other day I beat my PB and got over 16,000 fuel points in one day!

But now, just like my brothers two Nike Fuel Bands he had (he eventually got a refund), and like Fit Girl’s faulty one, my two Nike Fuel Bands have gone faulty.

I really like the Fuel Band and the app, but its pretty crap how the Nike Fuel band can’t deal with (my) high levels if activity. It seems I’m too tough for it!!

I’ve emailed Nike and will hopefully get a replacement (or a refund), but I have a feeling and replacement I get won’t be able to deal with my super activity levels and they might be made for people who do less than me!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Do you have a Nike Fuel Band?

If so, has your gone faulty yet? Everyone I know who has one has had it go faulty on them!! Not good!

For £129 you would expect it to do what it’s meant to do and not go faulty!!

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