Pain in the neck, foot and everything else!

So, the good news is, I’ve managed to get Sunday 5th off work. I hadn’t mentioned it on here, as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with it. We’ve done some training walks, and I think we’re as easy as we’ll ever be. 🙂

(Here’s me from last years walk: in 5 days – with cake!)

It was a bit touch and go, I had my leave rejected at swimming teaching as they couldn’t get cover. But today I got the confirmation I had Sunday off!

Our plans of walking the West Highland Way (96 miles) in 3 days is ON!

See more info here:


Now for the bad news. This morning, I noticed a pain in my neck: like a trapped nerve or something. Whenever I turn my head right or lift my head up, I get a pain.

A strain, a pull or a nerve issue, whatever it us, it’s bearable but not ideal. It does seem to be easing off, but its not normal that’s for sure.

As long as I don’t move my head in the direction it hurts, it doesn’t hurt, so I’ll be careful with it and hopefully it’ll heal and feel better soon. (pic is not me!)


Another bit of bad (but not show stopping) news is that, although in planning walking 96 miles in three days on the WHW, my left foot has been sore for a week or more now.

On the picture below, it looks like its my Peroneal Tendon, and it only tends to be sore when I walk.

My Dad suggested this would be because when you run, you don’t tend to land on that part of your foot, heel to toe, or toe.

He might have a point. But I can’t be running everywhere. ;-P the pain is bearable and I’m able to walk and run, so it’s not too bad. (once again – pic is not me!)

It seems to have been aggravated from wearing my waking boots over long distances.

So I’ve had an idea for if I’m planning to walk 34 miles on day 1, 24 miles on day 2 and 36 miles on day 3. (No running).


The weather is due to be dry and sunny as far as I know, and the main reason I’d wear walking boots as opposed to trainers is for the waterproof-ness of the boots.

But if it isn’t going to be wet (fingers crossed as the weather forecast says), I might get away with wearing trail trainers?

I have worn my boots in, with around three long walks of between 5 – 8 hrs each, but I just don’t think they’re the right choice for 96 miles walking on the WHW.

I’ve asked a friend who’s walked the WHW lots of times, and have asked a group of runners the ‘Ultra Dafties Training Group‘ on Facebook, who are very experienced at walking and running on the WHW and this us what they suggested / advised:

– trail trainers should be ok if you’re not carrying a lot.
– if you wear trail trainers, they’ll have less ankle support than boots.
– cow pat corner might be a bit messy / dirty and you might lose a trainer!
– trail trainers will be ok, but consider wearing gaiters to stop stones going in them.
– if you’re travelling light, trail shoes will be more responsive and cause less fatigue.
– you might end up knee deep in cow poo – be prepared!
– you might want to alternate between the two.
– trail trainers!

I know the route and I know what the path is like, it’s ok for trainers and ok for boots too.

I have to say after the feedback I’ve had from others, it looks like I’ll be wearing my Salomon’s above, and maybe carrying my boots or taking then in the luggage that travel lite takes for us (just in case).

I had really sore feet on day 3 of 5 last year, and I think having more comfortable footwear might just make it a lot easier than in hard boots.

Fingers crossed the weather stays ok, and if it does rain, or its forecast to rain, I can wear my boots.

What do you think? Walking boots or trainers to walk the WHW over 3 days?

I’ve added a quick poll below, which I’d love you to answer if you have a second. 🙂

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