24hr fast completed

My 34th fast of the year, completed today, through from yesterday at 2pm.

The last thing I had to eat was a chilli bowl at Moyra Janes at 2pm Sunday.

Then as I taught swimming 4pm- 8pm I didn’t drink nearly enough water so I felt a bit dehydrated last night.

No dinner, and then up this morning to be in the gym at 630am for a fasted strength workout. 🙂

(In line with the recommendation of eating around 500 cals on a fast day:)

I had two scrambled eggs and a few cherry tomatoes after the workout at 8am and a chocolate coffee protein shake.

I had another shake at 11am, and then had a Greek yoghurt, oats and berry mix (above) to keep me going. (Plus a few green teas and more water).

24hr fast done. Easy peasy. 🙂 must drink more next time.

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