Lighten the load: I’ll be just fine!

Someone at work today said I’d need new knees when I’m old because I run so much… I’ve posted this before, but just incase you missed it:

Hey ho: read this:

‘Runners are 50% less likely to need hip replacements or suffer from osteoarthritis than people who stick to walking. Running helps lift some of the load off your joints by lowering your BMI. So lighten up!’

My BMI is 20 (normal)

My blood pressure is low to normal (107/69), (good)

My resting heart rate is 41 (athlete)

My body fat is 20% (athlete)

My waist to height ratio is 42% (very slim)

I’m 32 but my cardiovascular age is 27!

(Ps: the same person thinks fasting is wrong too. )

I have a feeling I’ll be just fine. 🙂

Thanks for the concern / warning anyway! ;-P I’m going to keep running and cross training, and fasting for that matter!

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