Wk17 – Weigh in: 123, 20.1, 58.3, 20.0

When I started my journey of losing weight, one very important thing that I did was track my progress with a series of numbers I got from the scale or from calculations from the numbers on the scale.

1. Weight
2. Body fat %
3. Water %
4. BMI.

WEIGHT: 147lbs to 123lbs
I decided that I could get too obsessive about my weight if I measured it in stones and lbs (always wanting to get under the stone), so I decide from the start that I’d measure my weight in lbs. It’s hard to explain why I measure in lbs, I just like it better.

I started off at 147lbs and 6 months later I’d lost 12lbs to get to my ideal weight for my height: 135lbs. I did it through being more active, training for events, being conscious of what I was eating and eating more healthily.

Now, after around 5 years of being active and training for marathons, my weight has maintained at around 124lbs. 🙂 I like that number, and its a weight I feel good at, although today I’m 123 – perhaps that’s a better number? ;-P

BODY FAT – 29.5% to 20.1%

The next important measurement was body fat %. I’d read that normal body fat for a woman was anywhere between 14-32% – and my scales showed I was at the top end: 29.5%.

Now my body fat is 20.1%, once again a number I like and a body composition I’m comfortable with. 🙂

I don’t really use the water measurement, and BMI is an old measurement, but it does help as a guide.

To get my ideal weight, I figured out what my weight would be if my BMI was in the middle if the scale: between 18.5-25. The mid point is 21.75. Which for me would be my weight at 135lbs. Right now, my BMI us around 20, so not too low, but ok. 🙂

For more about how to get your ideal weight go here:


I’m feeling good on it anyway.

All the exercise I do, means I can more or less eat what and when I want, but I’m still careful and think about what u eat.

Fasting twice a week has helped me (along with exercising 5-7 days a week and being active) maintain my weight and I’ve really embraced it as a way if life.

My numbers this week are:

123, 20.1, 58.3, 20.0.

(lbs, body fat %, water %, BMI)

I might go on and post these three numbers and a graph it two in the future, so look out for then and if you have any questions, let me know. 🙂

For more about my weight loss journey, go here:


Are you on a weight loss journey? Are you recording you progress? How are you getting on and what’s working for you?

5 years on, I’ve done it and I’m maintaining my weight and a fit and healthy lifestyle – you can do it too!

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2 Responses to Wk17 – Weigh in: 123, 20.1, 58.3, 20.0

  1. Marion Mannion says:


    I really enjoying reading your posts. Find them really informative.

    I’ve been looking to get new scales and wondered if you could recommend a set?

    Many thanks Marion

    Sent from my iPhone

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