Homemade chilled Mocha Doubleshot Expresso

In the last 6 months or so I’ve been treating myself to this baby: chilled Starbucks Doubleshot: around 200mls of chilled expresso coffee and milk. It’s well tasty.

And it’s well expensive too. At around £1.50 a can, it’s around 5 times the cost of petrol (and that’s saying something!)

I was having around 2-4 a week, limited to my fasting days, but it was getting to be a pretty expensive little habit.

Then the other day I was experimenting with my protein shake and my pretty little pink shaker. I added 25g of chocolate protein powder (a scoop), about half a scoop of Nescafé Azera ground coffee, and some milk

Milk or coconut milk – both work just as well. Now I’ve got my own Mocha Expresso Doubleshot. 🙂 I make one for with my breakfast, then put some in a flask and take it to work.

Easy peasy. 🙂

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