We live in an amazing world (and Well done Neil!)

Today some rather amazing things and a rather horrific thing happened.

The amazing included me being able to follow my big brother, Neil, in real time on the internet as he ran the Boston Marathon in a jaw dropping 2:34:45!

I watched in awe as he cracked out 5:22 minute mile pace for the first 5k… then couldn’t help but smirk a little as every 5k after that he slowed and slowed to an almost snail pace of 6:29 minute mile for the last section. 😉 (I am joking of course.) He didn’t share his target with me before he did it, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me he did a stonker of a time. Apparently the hills got him.

I stayed on a little late at work (THANKS NEIL) because he was finishing at around 17:33 UK time…. and I wanted to ‘see him finish’. I felt like I was able to experience how he was doing, every step of the way. The world today, and the internet is amazing isn’t it?

Then just after 8pm UK time here, I was settled down to do some research / work on the computer…. and I started getting messages from friends on Facebook. I’d already posted about how Neil had done the marathon in an amazing time… and the messages and well wishes started flooding in.

Neil lives in Sydney, and keeps in touch with me mainly through Facebook. He tells me how I could run faster….a nd I nod my head and keep on running the way I know how: for fun and for laughs, and sometimes for speed when I feel like it. ;-P He’s not in touch much, but when he is it’s usually about running, which suits us both fine. 🙂

Anyway – Neil has recently set himsetf a challenge of running different marathons in different countries. Berlin… he did that in an amazing 2:31…. he went to New York in November 2012 – and managed to be there to shut the City down…I mean, when the storm shut the City down…. ;-P

(Neil at Berlin Marathon)

And now he’s there in Boston – when the explosions go off. Now. It’s around 8pm our time. I know he finished at around 5:30pm our time. And I’m wondering if he’s ok. I think what I would do if I were him? And the last thing I’d do is hang around the finish line for a couple of hours. I’d be away celebrating – having a shower, dinner (and if I were him – quite a few beers). So when people were asking me if he was ok, I knew he was (although I hadn’t heard from him yet). The finish clock showed at around 4:10 when the explosions went off – so I was sure he was well out of there by then.

Facebook can be annoying and addictive, but tonight it was brilliant. First of all it let me know about the explosions – then it let me know about all of the people who were thinking of Neil and our family. I phoned my Dad and he hadn’t even heard about the explosions. He too felt safe in the knowledge that Neil would most probable be… ‘in a bar, with his feet up, drinking beer.’

In the end, I was able to find out from Facebook (with the cellular networks being down) that Neil was (as I guessed it) safe and sound (in a bar with a dead phone, a medal and sore legs).

Here’s what he posted at around 23:15 tonight:

‘Let this medal be proof that I’m still alive. You don’t need a very sweaty, slightly sunburnt face shot. Sorry everyone, my phone went flat and only just it charged.
As far as the run goes, the hills smashed me. (learnt a lot for next year Dani.)’

Well done Neil – now perhaps I could teach you a few things about how to do negative splits? ;-P

Tonight the world has shown me that it is an amazing, and in some cases, a horrific place. No doubt we’ll hear about this for a long time to come, so I won’t comment anymore about it. I’m just glad he’s safe and proud he was able to run so bl00dy fast! ;-P

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