Running in a Big Bad City

This post was inspired by the lovely Mhairi McCallum who posted the following quote on facebook and tagged me…thanks Mhairi!

I realised something a little scary the other day…

… I live in a very Bad Big City, with lots if bad men / murderers!! …

… (who are luckily for me, locked up now for their badness !) ;-P

Whilst running on one of my regular 8k routes with a PT running client (from the Clyde up to Queens Park),I happened to mention at a particular point that it was where Moira Jones had been murdered (brutally raped and murdered, in fact, in May 2008).

We ran on and once again I mentioned another brutal (and racist this time) murder: William McKeeney’s. He called his girlfriend from the pub to say her be home just before midnight after getting some chips, and she saw his murderers stamping him to death from her window. :-/ Sad and so very wrong.

Now I’d like to say now, that the routes I run on aren’t through bad areas. Tis route in particular goes through the leafy Southside of Glasgow: 5 miles: up Shields Rd, Pollokshields, Shawlands, Queens Park, Victoria Rd, Eglington Toll. They’re busy residential streets with a big mix of lots of different cultures.

We kept running and I managed to keep my mouth shut when we ran past another place where a 15 year old had been murdered / left for dead in 2004 near St Andrews Drive. Kriss Donald was abducted and murdered by a group of Asians. There’s now a shrine to Kriss not far from my running route.

And sadly, more recently, on the route at St Andrews Drive a 4 year old boy died when he fell from a third floor flat. 😦

It’s all a little bit scary, and I’m glad I kept my mouth shut about the last two deaths when out running with my PT client that night! Don’t want to scare people off!

I guess my thinking that the route is ‘safe’ is because I run it regularly, at times (630am – noon, or 6-8pm), when most crazy people, like the murderers above, aren’t out (especially at 630am!) And that I can possibly outrun them! 😉


Seriously, when I run it tends to be quiet, with only commuters walking, dog walkers walking and plenty of traffic around. I keep my music low or off, and am always conscious of what’s going on.

Anyway enough talk about safety and murderers, I thought I’d finish on this:

Moira’s Fund. A grant making charity set up in memory of Moira Jones to help those bereaved by murder or manslaughter! Why don’t you google it and make a small donation? 😉

Big bad city. Bad stupid murderers! :-/


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