Wk13 Training, Wk14 Plan and Big Spends!

It’s hard to believe its nearly a quarter of the way through the year. The clocks ‘Spring forward’ on Sunday and next week begins the start of my 8 week training for the Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon.

This week I was focusing on eating better (or less overall) and all I did training wise was running, three rest days and a bit if decorating.


Here’s what I did this week:

Mon AM: Rest & 24hr fast
PM: PT run 4-6 miles

Tue AM: 5M run
PM: Kaizen Run Club 6-8 miles

Wed AM: Rest & decorate
PM: Rest

Thu AM: Rest 24 hr fast
PM: Rest

Fri AM: 10 mile run wi Jackie, Hazel n Pepper
PM: Rest

Sat AM: Rest & decorate
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club 6-8 miles
PM: Rest

I did a bit of decorating, refreshed our bathroom and am planning painting the rest if the flat in the next few weeks too.

I regrouted the shower and put new silicon in it on Thursday night, and bought paint today for the walls and ceilings. We already have white gloss, let the fun commence. 😉


With four jobs now, I’m in the fortunate place of finding myself being able to save. 🙂

So last week I splashed out and bought some very clever and relatively cheap wifi speakers for my flat. I used to have an old sues stereo system with 5 surround sound wired speakers, one in each room.

But now (for just over £400) I have 4 wifi AQ Smart speakers, one for each room. And let me tell you, they are smart. The only wires are the power wires into them, and you play your music through your iPhone, iPad or computer via AirPlay. 🙂 very clever.

At the minute I’m playing daft punk via my phone through the speakers, and writing this blog post on my phone. I only hope the phone battery lasts!


As you may know from my last post, this week I also committed to spending the largest amount of money I’ve ever spent in buying a new house.

It’s gorgeous, and we have a 4 month wait to move in (1st August is the completion date) but that’ll give us time to do up (decorate) my flat ready for letting it out and allow us to save more pennies for stuff we might need.

I’m well excited. And just need to spend some time over the next couple if months getting ready for the move and letting this place out. Eeeeek! (And I’ll need to keep all 4 jobs to pay for it no doubt!!)


As I said, last week was a week where I was watching what I ate. I still managed to watch myself eat a pizza and a couple if mars bars… :-/ Oops, 😉 but I did manage to get down to what I like to think is my ideal weight: 124lbs.

It’s the weight I feel most comfortable at. 120lbs is possibly my racing weight, but I struggle to get there (mainly because of too many mars bars and pizzas probably 😉 ). And some say I’m too thin / drawn when I’m at 120, so I’m always happy at 124.

See the chart above, I got my new scales in December and since then my weights seemed to fluctuate a bit, but I’ve been maybe weighing myself more often (another clever wifi gadget lol). I’ve hovered around 124lbs for around 2 years now (since march 2011).

This week i’ll have done around over 35 miles over around 5 runs, no weights and no other exercise apart from a few walks to work. I definitely think running helps maintain my weight (and allows me to eat mars bars and pizzas), its brilliant (and I love getting paid to coach it!). 🙂

Running and of course Fasting two days a week is most definitely helping me maintain my weight too, and just allows you to reduce the calories you consume overall.


I’m travelling to Stornoway next week with BBC work (Thu, Fri) and have Monday off, so here’s the training I hope to do:

Mon AM: PT run 10k & 24hr fast

PM: Rest

Tue AM: 5M run (1 min intervals x 10)
PM: Kaizen Run Club 6-8 miles

Wed AM: Swim
PM: Rest

Thu AM: Rest 24 hr fast & travel
PM: Rest

Fri AM: 5M run & travel back
PM: Rest

Sat AM: Rest (decorating or may run or gym)
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club 6-8 miles
PM: Rest

I’ll do my 1 minute intervals speedwork with Gill on Tuesday morning, she’s keen to get faster, and I might need a bit of motivation to do it, so it’ll help both of us. 🙂

I always find it really easy to fast on days I travel so Thursday should be easy peasy and it’ll be nice to see another BBC base and get to know more people I work with ( face to name). 🙂

That’s it from me. 🙂 I’m off to enjoy Spring time painting in Easter (and a couple of Easter eggs!)

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