Exciting times…moving on up!

I bought the flat I live in now around 8 years ago – when the property market was booming and you could get 125% mortgages if you wanted to.  Now things are a little different, but i’ve been thinking for a while it would be nice to move to a bigger place with two bedrooms and a garden perhaps.

My flat is nice and I’m very happy in it – 1 bedroom, plenty of storage, close to town, close to work, and I’ve done it up well (kitchen, bathroom, carpets).  I’ve spent a lot of time and money on it.

And it has great views over the North of the city.  I was so proud when I bought it myself all those years ago.  I guess maybe I’ve just outgrown it slightly?



On Friday (22nd) I went to see my solicitor for some advice, then as if by magic this came up on the market:

a 2 bedroomed semi detached house in the area local to me.


I went to see it on Saturday, put the offer in on Tuesday (after sorting mortgages etc) and my offer was accepted on Wednesday 27th March!

My move in date is not until 1st of August, but it gives me plenty of time to get organised for it and i’m going to keep my flat and put it up to rent out!

Exciting times!

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Know anyone who wants to rent a gorgeous 1 bedroom flat 10 minutes from Glasgow City Centre from August onwards?  😉

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1 Response to Exciting times…moving on up!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Congratulations, wishing you both lots of happiness in your new home. Very exciting times. X

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