My Wk13 Plan

Here’s my training plan for this week. Still not really focusing on much – I’m enjoying being a bit free with what I’m doing. Running and quick start mainly: I’m going to watch what I eat, try to drink lots of water and fast twice a week.

I’m going to aim to eat plenty of protein to keep me full and full of energy too hopefully. Stop myself eating crap and be more conscious of what I eat.

My training will involve quite a bit if running this week (5-6 times, 32-36 miles), a rest day, strength day and swim day:

Mon AM: Rest & 24hr fast
PM: PT run 4-6 miles

Tue AM: 5M run
PM: Kaizen Run Club 6-8 miles

Wed AM: Run Intervals: 15 min, 10x 1:1, 15 mins
PM: Rest

Thu AM: Swim & 24 hr fast
PM: Rest (or PT run)

Fri AM: Strength workout (& decorating)
PM: Rest

Sat AM: Rest (decorating)
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club 6-8 miles
PM: Rest

We are off Friday to Monday this week and we were thinking of doing a long walk, but life is going to get in the way a bit for the next 8-12 weeks I think.

We’re putting an offer in on a house and might be selling our flat, so exercise, and waking the west highland way ‘may’ have to be put off a bit. Eeeeeek!!! 🙂

Don’t worry I won’t post about painting and decorating. 😉 But if we get the keys, ill be sure to put something on here (long way away).

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