This weeks food prep

I’m super organised this week, managed to get some time today (Sunday) to get my food ready for next week:


My homemade Porridge
(Oats, milled flax seed, sultanas, flaked almonds, coconut milk, cinnamon, Greek yoghurt)
Smoked haddock

With chocolate protein shake and a light yakult.

Mid morning snack
Left over Chocolate protein milkshake.

Chicken snack box: Sliced cooked chicken pesto, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted pine nuts, beetroot, yellow pepper, grated cheese, a couple of bits of chopped red onion, extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing.

And a chopped up apple.

Green tea
Coconut bits
Peanuts (plain)
Smoked salmon (not in picture)
Cherry juice (not in picture)
Couple of squares of dark chocolate (not in picture)

That should do me. I’m fasting today from 2:30pm until tomorrow morning, and then again on Wednesday night 8pm to Thursday mid afternoon. But past from that, it will be eat eat eat. 🙂

Oh and I nearly forgot, Dinners are going to be:

chicken n veg,
Fish n veg,
Baked sweet potato and filler,
Egg based meal (omelette maybe)
Chinese curry or satay. 🙂

There we go.

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