Wk10 – Super 8s Strength 18kg

Today I was at the gym and did a 5 minute warm up in the bike…

Then did the following circuit 5 times with 18kg dumbbells (8-12 reps):

Press ups
Bent over rows (singles right)
Bent over rows (singles left)
Cleans (singles right)
Cleans (singles left)
Deep squat (no weight)
Squat (1 weight) / Deadlift (2 weights)

Then after that I did a 5 sets of 8:
Lat Pull Downs
And 8 assisted pull ups.

Sorted! It was pretty tough but I’m glad I did it.

I did see a bit of an odd sight. A biggish guy walked into the gym in front of me with his girlfriend. Remembering its 630am when I go, she then preceded to just watch him, with her hands on her hips sometimes. She looked a bit like she didn’t want to be there, but perhaps he was showing her how to lift weights?

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