Wk10 snots and plans

I’m full of snot. I think I may have got it from my nieces who I met for just an hour or so last Monday. By Wednesday I was sneezing a lot, and decided I’d take some cold n flu remedies to help me get through work on Thursday and Friday in Inverness. I felt ok, and even did a nice wee run on in Inverness Thursday morning.

Now I’m bunged up still and hoping after 5 days it’ll go away.

I thought I’d spend a bit of time writing down my plans for the next few months.

March: Glasgow Marathon (fingers crossed on 30th March)

I need to work on my long runs and hope that my hip flexor is ok and pain free.
On Monday I’ll be 12 weeks away from my first half marathon event of the year too: the Mull of Kintyre half on 26th May.

April: Long walk Fridays, for us walking the West Highland Way at the start of May (in 3 days!).

We’ve got just about every Friday in April off, and the 22nd March too, so we’re planning some hefty big long walks: break my new boots in and get ready for our THREE day adventure. :-/
I’ll continue to train for the half marathon.

May: Half Marathon Training for 26th May (Mull of Kintyre)

I’ll be looking at Matt Fitzgerald’s book ‘the new rules of marathon and half marathon nutrition’ for some tips on fuelling and training (for the half and the marathon).

Those are my loose goals for the next 12 weeks or so.

In my training I’ll include:
3-4 runs a week: long run mid week hopefully,
1-2 strength sessions,
maybe a swim and
1-2 days rest.

I’m continuing my fasting two days a week but looking to see if I can make what I eat even more healthy (less crap, sweets, sugar!!)

Below is an excerpt from the book, well worth a read:

And here’s a little pic from Ian Beattie who was in Glencoe this weekend and saw this:

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