Wk9 Training Summary

Week 9 and it saw me containing to be careful after my hip flexor strain and taking some time out to work away and get over a cold. I’m putting up my summary early this week as I think I’m finished my training did the week. I’ll maybe get 32,000 Nike fuel points I’d guess.

It was a lighter week with 2 runs of about 15 miles, 1 gym session and 4 rest days (plus 2 fast days). I worked away in Inverness Thursday Friday and caught up with some old friends too.

I started sneezing a lot at the start of the week and by Thursday I was a dribbling wreck. 😉 I wasn’t that bad in fact, nothing a lot of water and pills couldn’t help. But it is a cold and I need to get over it. My run on Thursday was ok – I can’t decide if easy runs help scare colds away (adrenaline etc) or if they make them worse. I seemed to feel ok Thursday anyway.

Last week I thought I’d got over my hip flexor strain, but I felt a niggle in Monday when I was doing jumps in the gym and on Thursday when I was running, so, along with my cold, I thought it might be best to rest some more.

I managed 9.5 miles running on Tuesday, so still a relatively long run keeping my legs ticking over. 4 weeks to marathon from next week and fingers crossed my running long goes a bit better this month than last.

Here’s what I did:

(Fasted from 2pm Sun – 8am Mon)

Mon AM: Super 8s Lower Strength
PM: Rest

Tue AM: Rest
PM: 7.25 miles at Kaizen Run Club plus 2.2 mile commute (including 15 min tempo)

Wed: Rest, work n travel

Thu AM: 6 mile run in Inverness
PM: Rest and fast (from 8pm wed – 8pm Thu)

Fri: Rest

Sat: Rest and travel

Sun: Rest (or run maybe)

I’ll see what happens next week but I’m thinking:

Runs: x3 including long run (16 miles?)
& Kaizen runs.
Swim: x1
Strength: 1-2 sessions
Rest: 1-2 days

I’ve got a new client to coach running to also, I meet him on Thursday so I’m looking forward to that. 🙂

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