Wk9 – 6M of getting lost in Inverness

I was staying in Inverness with a friend last night before working from Inverness today and tomorrow. After yesterday off I decided I’d do a wee run from 7am and see where I ended up.

I know inverness ok, but not in detail, and I’ve got a good app called walk jog run on my phone that I used to find a route to run. Wherever you are you can find routes that people have plotted and then follow them…

…or not in my case. Lol. I took a wrong turn immediately and the route was out the window.

I still had a good wee run using the maps app on my phone.

I put in ‘BBC Scotland’ – where I’m going to be working from today and tomorrow, and ran up Culduthel Road…

I saw some nice birds in the sky… Then when I figured I didn’t want to go all the way to the BBC, I put in my hotel address into the maps app: here we go: I’m staying here tonight.

Then I put the address of my friends house in and ran home.

6 miles in total in about an hour. 🙂

I’m getting a bit of a cold I think… I was sneezing earlier in the week and now it’s starting to get annoying: so cold n fly remedies for me today, plus plenty of water n green tea.

Oh and my hip flexor is niggling a bit so rest for me for a few more days I think. Lucky I’ve got lots to do this weekend seeing people etc. 🙂

I’m meant to be fasting today, up to 3pm, but we’ll see how I feel. I might not do it if I’m ill.

Bouncy bridge at the end of getting lost in Inverness lots and lots and lots. Better get ready for work!!

(Here’s holly (my friends cat) and jasper having fun).

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