8 year, life cycles?

I’ve never really thought about this before, but today I thought about my life in terms of how good (or bad) it’s been at different stages in my life.

Something of a life changer for me happened 16 years ago today which would end up changing my life forever… and today it got me thinking.

16 years is half the time I’ve been alive and it’s a long time. I look at where I was then: a confused, upset and frustrated kid who was itching to grow up. A good kid with her life ahead of her. And now I see how far I’ve come and how happy I’ve become. 🙂

Then I thought about it some more. Maybe it’s not every 16 years – maybe it’s every 8 years? And it seemed to fit well.

So I went about thinking about my life in terms of 8 year blocks, and gave each block a score out of 5:

Years 1-8: good 4/5
Childhood (not that I remember much, but I’m sure it was good)
Years 9-16: bad 1/5
Childhood and Teenage
Years 17-24: ok 3/5
Growing up
Years 25-32: brilliant 5/5
Settling down

An average score of 3/5 so far, not bad eh?: Could be better… and the way things are going: WILL be better. 😉

There’s been good and bad along the way, and both have made me the person I am today: strong, confident, positive, caring, stress-free and happy with and feeling fortunate for what I’ve got.

Without going into detail, I can clearly see how good things are for me right now and how settled and happy I’ve become. Things are working: it’s all clicked into place: life is good. 😀

Now… what’s gonna happen next?

Years 33-40?
Years 41-48?
Years 49-56?
Years 57-64?
I won’t go on but I fully expect to live to 100+ 😉

At 32 I’m in the best shape of my life and in a good place with work, rest and play. Now I wonder what the next 70 odd years will bring?

(Unless I’m run over by a bus one day that is ;-))

What do you think?

Has your life gone by in cycles? And are you in a good cycle just now?

If not, what might you change to make your life good?

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2 Responses to 8 year, life cycles?

  1. davelucas says:

    I’m shootin’ for 120 myself…

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