My shorts, shorts and more shorts

So… over the last few years my collection of running shorts has gone up and up and up (as has my collection of trainers, running socks and tops… but we’d better not go there tonight).

I thought I’d count and post a couple of photos of my running shorts… and Jasper helped me with the photos. 😉

I now have 13 pairs of shorts …

(plus two pairs of running tights and two pairs of knee length tights that I tend not to wear much).

… My favourites are my Nike Tempo 2 in 1 shorts. So favourite in fact, that I have 5 pairs (and I just bought a new green pair too!). :-O

Very comfy, an outer loose short with a tight Lycra inner, they have a handy back zip pocket and a hidden inside pocket on the right hip. I wear them on nearly all of my runs (unless it’s freezing) and I love them! 3 pairs presents from Fit Girl. 🙂

I fancy a wee black pair too… maybe one day. 😉 My first pair of these shorts (purple, black and white) have an injury / couple of holes in the purple layer from a twig I caught them on whilst running the West Highland Way just before Rowardennan: lived in. 😉

Next I have my 2 pairs of Nike Tech shorts. I started running in these before I came across the Nike 2 in 1 shorts. My second best short, I tend not to wear them anymore, but they’re still good.

Then I’ve got my Nike Tempo shorts (bottom left): a bit too short, no pockets and a white netted inner, they’re not my favourites, but they’re good for in the pool when I’m teaching swimming sometimes. 1 pair a present from my brother. Ta Ewen!

Pumas, top left: zipped pocket, comfy, black netted inner. Still a bit short but good for teaching swimming.

Under armour: bottom right: goes well with my pink tops, zipped pocket, comfy and good for running in. A bit big now though! Nike red and black shorts: like basketball shorts, but short. Comfy, bought from San Francisco, America. A little to big but comfy: no pockets.

Two pairs of Nike shorts with the inner and outer shorts. A bit shorter than my favourite 2 in 1 shorts, but comfy with a big waste band. No pockets though. Both presents from Fit Girl. 🙂 Lucky me.

There we go. 13 pairs, 6 pairs I wear regularly.

So… How many shorts do you have?

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