Wk8 Training Summary

So, as promised I took it a bit easier this week. The fact that on last Sunday after a 12 mile run on Saturday and an 8 mile run on Sunday, I couldn’t lift my left leg with out manually doing it with my hand, told me I had quite a bad injury (my hip flexor).

No amount of running is worth that amount of pain so I decided I’d be sensible and stay off running as much a I could.

Anyway, here’s my Nike fuel points from last week: it’ll be around 30,000 by the time Sunday us over I think. 🙂 and I did two 40 minute swims where I couldn’t earn fuel points, so all in a it was still quite an active week for being a recovery week.

Following my week of active recovery, I liked reading this today:

Here’s what I did this week anyway:

Fasted from 2pm Sun – 8am Mon.

Mon AM: 2000m swim
PM: 30 mins Upper Kettlebell Workout

Tue AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club: 4.5M Run
(No pain, but still not quite right)

Wed AM: 2000m swim
PM: Rest

Thu AM: Rest (and fast from 8pm Wed – 2pm Fri)
PM: 7.5M run wi Fit Girl
(No pain, feeling good and strong)

Fri: Rest
PM: Rest

Sat: Rest (and lie in til midday (!!)

Sun AM: approx 8M run wi Fit Girl
4.5M Kaizen Run Club
PM: Swimming Teaching

So all in all: 2 swims, 2 rest days, 1 strength session and 3 runs / 24 miles.
And 4 walks to and from work: 6 miles.

(I thought I’d add this for some colour: My socks)

It’s now around 5 weeks to go til I run my Glasgow Marathon. It might be a bit of a feat… But hopefully I’ll be ok with building up my long run miles each week.

Here’s my weekly plan:

(Fast from 2pm Sun – 8am Mon)

Mon AM: Super 8s Upper Strength
PM: Rest or Metafit or Swim

Tue AM: 5M run
PM: Kaizen Run Club

Wed AM: Swim or rest
PM: Long Run

Thu AM: Rest
(fast from 8pm Wed – 2pm Thu)
PM: Rest

Fri AM: Super 8s Lower Strength
PM: Rest

Sat AM: Run or gym with Fit Girl
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club
PM: Swimming Teaching

And here’s my long run plan until I do my Glasgow Marathon on 30/03:

Wk9 – 10-12M
Wk10 – 16M
Wk11 – 22M
Wk12 – 20M
Wk13 – 26.2M

The only thing is, next week (Wk9) I’m away to Inverness with work Thursday, Friday and then staying there Saturday Sunday so I’ll try and do my long run on Tuesday morning, see how I get on.

I’ll be doing some training when I’m away but I’m not going to put anything in writing this week. I’ll go for a lower strength workout and 2-3 runs as a must, and do anything else if I have time.

This week will be mainly about my little niece who is 5 on Monday, work and catching up with old friends in Inverness, then March will be a focus on doing my long runs again. 🙂

Who’d have thought it was the end of February already? Time flies when you’re having fun. 😉

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