Wk7 Training Summary

Week 7 of my training and I think I got a better balance this week.  Although the bad news is I’ve managed to wreck my left hip flexor, so I’m not sure how I’ll continue my training next week.  I think it will be a week of – see how it goes.

Last week was: Two strength sessions, on Monday and Thursday morning, 2 rest days (Wed and Fri), 2 fast days (Mon and Thu) and 3 run days: (Tue, Sat, Sun).  I did Upper strength on Monday, and had a good evening off with family that evening, before a lie in on Tuesday, Kaizen Run Club in the evening and a rest day on Wednesday.

No lunchtime runs as planned, and my long run was on Saturday morning: 12 miles with friends.  Lower strength Thursday, rest day Friday. 🙂  My legs were sore on Friday from the strength work, and continued into Saturday – not good for a long run day!


I earned around 31,000 Nike Fuel points and had 5 out of 7 days where I achieved my Nike Fuel points goal of 4,000 points.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength Upper  & Fast
PM: Rest
Walk to and from work

Tue AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club: Hills: 7.55M (link, including 2.2M commute)

: Rest
Walk to and from work

Thu: Super 8s Strength Lower & Fast
PM: Ten Pin Bowling with the kids

: Rest
Walk to and from work

Sat: 12M long run with Julie Ann, Jackie, Jane, Cat & Tina

AM: Kaizen Run Club: 6.7 miles (plus 1.1 mile commute, and 1.1 miles walk / limp home)
Swimming Teaching 4 hours.

On Thursday night I took the kids ten pin bowling and had a great time.  Sean 6, Tomas 8, Maja 11 and me (32) played two games.  Here were the results:

Game 1 Game 2
Sean (6) 89 111
Tomas (8) 86 88
Maja (11) 79 71
Lorn (32) 61 113

As usual my first game was rubbish…and before you ask… the kids had the bumpers up and I didn’t.  So I managed to send the ball sideways an get zero a few times!  Sean thought he was winning the last game (with a strike on his last shot!) until … when I was 16 behind, I got a strike and then 8 to beat him by two points.  I think he might have beleived me when I said ‘the winner has to walk home’ so he let me win perhaps!  It was a good laugh anyway and good to spend time with them.

On the Friday I had thought about going for a swim, or a run at lunchtime, but my legs were sore from the strength session, so I figured the walk to and from work would do to loosen me off instead.

Then Saturday was a good 12 mile run in the hills with the girls: Julie Ann, Jackie, Jane, Cat and Tina.  It was a good slow and social run, but about 8 or 9 miles in my left hip flexor started to niggle a bit.

No harm done, until Sunday morning when I went to Kaizen Run Club.  The 1.1 mile run there was ok, then about 5k into a 6.7 mile run my hip flexor started to really get sore.

12 miles hilly

A walk home, and now I’m struggling even to lift my left leg and the pain is constant. 😦

Time for some proper rest I think!  I’ve been suffering a little bit from plantar fasciitus in my right foot too. Nothing too bad, just a niggle and never when I’m running, but a week of relative rest will be good for my legs and feet I’m thinking.

I did manage three good runs and two good strength sessions.  But now it looks like I’m going to have to be very careful in the next week or so, so I’m not planning anything.  In fact it might be a good week to try out swimming again (and take a rest from running and strength work!)

Looks like I’m never going to get to increase up to this 16 mile distance!  Still around 6 weeks to the marathon so it’s not off quite just yet. 🙂

TOTALS FOR WEEK 7: Approx. 30 miles, 6.5 hours, 2,500 calories.
Run: 27.4 miles, x3 runs, 5 hours, 1,700 calories
Walk: 5.6 miles, x7 walks, 1:32 hours, 380 calories
Strength: x2, 1.5 hours, 635 calories
2 Rest days, 2 Fast days.


I was continuing to enjoy my strength training, although I couldn’t drag myself out of bed for it on Wednesday morning!  I ended up going on Thursday morning, then had sore legs on Friday… however with my hip flexor pain, I’ll give is a rest next week and maybe pick it up the following week.

I’m going to try and make sure I do my long run mid week, and do my lower strength work later in the week.

I’ll take some time out from my marathon training this week….and pick up once I feel my hip flexor back to normal….

Wk7 – 11/02/13 – 12 miles (with the girls)
Wk8 – 18/02/13 – rest week (see how hip flexor is)
Wk9 – 25/02/13 – 10-13 miles (Inverness)
Wk10 – 04/03/13 – 16 miles (route specific)
Wk11 – 11/03/13 – 20 miles
Wk12 – 18/03/13 – 18 miles
Wk13 – 25/03/12  – 26.2 miles!

Here was my plan for Week 8 (but I’m probably just going to do a few swims (Mon, Wed, Fri AM?), and the two Kaizen Run Club runs (me on a bike maybe!)

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength Upper
PM: Rest (and fast)
Tues AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club: Speedwork
Wed AM: Rest
PM: 16 miles
Thu AM: Rest (or swim for a change) and fast
PM: Rest
Fri AM: Super 8s Strength Lower
PM: Rest
Sat AM: Run or strength work with Fit Girl
PM: Rest
Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club: 5 miles easy
PM: Swimming Teaching 4 hours

I don’t actually mind that my hip flexor is grubbed.  I know what I need to do to fix it and I know how good I’ll feel once it is recovered.  Rest is good.  I’ll get back to my training soon enough.  🙂

I’ve learned that you can’t let things like this get to you.  Things happen, injuries occur.  You just need to be sensible and do everything you can (even if you don’t want to) to get back to normal and build up slowly again.  🙂   Hence next week becoming a ‘Swim’ week.

Look on the bright side and find something else to focus on.

The only thing is I can’t earn nike fuel points in the pool… hey ho.  It’s not the end of the world. 🙂

Oh and one more thing… my new shoes were great today.  🙂 Better put them away in the cupboard so I don’t get tempted!

photo 22

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