Run4It: New Mizuno Wave Inspires

Well. I’ve done it. I’ve been retested for my new trainers and ended up going for Mizuno Wave Inspires.

I went to Run 4 It up at Cowcaddens / Tiso today and the lovely and helpful Emma helped me find the right trainer for me.

I tried on a few pairs: Saucony Guides, Brookes and Asics. None felt quite right and I was starting to get a bit upset with Saicony for stopping making the Paramounts. Why would they do that? 😉

Emma tested me out wearing quite a few pairs, and although she said the Brookes seemed the best technically, they didn’t feel right. After trying on a few pairs, then even trying on my old Saucony Paramounts and seeing how I ran and felt in them, I felt much better in the Mizunos.

This pair were on sale, and I managed to get them for £80. I’m sure I could probably get them a bit cheaper online, but Emma’s advice and time was worth the little bit extra I maybe paid for.

I think there are newer (blue) ones out since these ones, so I might go and get the blue ones in a few months time I’d these ones workout for me.

So if you’re new to running, you have an injury and are getting back to running, or you’re just wanting a new pair of running trainers, I’d highly recommend you go to Run 4 It to get you gait tested and get the right trainers to run in.

I highly recommend all Run 4 It stores but I particularly like the one at Tiso. Great knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff: Emma and Doug on particular are great. 🙂

I thought I knew what I wanted: support, stability, saucony. But it ended up my idea of what I thought I needed and what my feet needed were way out. 🙂 I think its well worth the little extra you pay in the shop to get the right trainers.

And if you feel a bit cheeky, ask for a wee discount and see what they can offer. The worst they can do is say no. 😉

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