Misplaced my Mojo?

I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my mojo for running quite yet… I’m still up for it…but something odd is happening where I’m not so up for running as I usually am. Come rain or shine, I more often than not, stick to my training plan and get out for my runs. But not recently.

A 12 mile run turned into an 11 mile run. A 27 mile week turned into a 20 mile week. A 16 mile long run got put off once, then twice. That’s what I was going to do this weekend. I had planned it for Saturday morning… a 16 mile route along 3/5th of the Glasgow Marathon route. But when Saturday morning came around I decided a lie in and a rest day were more required. I could do it on Sunday before Kaizen Run Club.

The reasons for putting it off were almost endless:

It was cold, dark and wet outside.
I’d run a fast 5.5 miles the previous day which knocked me a bit.
I wanted to spend time with Fit Girl.
I’d only had one rest day this week.
My body was sore from strength training (back, lats, abs)
I ‘needed’ (not really) to dye my hair.

So, Fit Girl went out for her 7 mile run, and I lay and snoozed for an hour before getting up. I had a good restful day and got up at 7am on Sunday morning to go out for my 16 mile / 2.5 hr run. Porridge, water, layered up, water pack, waterproof windproof gillet on, music on, cap on, gloves on. Garmin ready. I was ready.

Then I got to the bottom of the close stairs, and at the front door I looked out. It was raining, sleeting perhaps even. It was clearly FREEZING outside…well what did I expect for February? I hesitated. And thought to myself…nah, I don’t want to go out in that. All of a sudden the hour of getting up and eating, dressing and getting ready, didn’t matter at all. I could easily see myself getting back to bed.

I thought, just try it, just step outside, and feel how (not) cold it is. I’ve done this thousands of times, crossed the front door and realised that it’s not as bad as it looks. Then half an hour into the run, I’m so glad I went out. Well, I went out. Looked right, then looked left. The wind blew at me, the rain past me. And I saw a man out running in shorts and tshirt in the distance. I thought to myself – crazy bastard. And at that point I turned back around to go straight back in and up to bed gain.

No 16 miles for me this weekend. It’s funny how your mind works. I’m still going to take Kaizen Run Club at 1030am, and to see my sister later for a ‘walk around a park’, but at least I won’t have forced myself to be out in the cold and wet for 2.5 hrs for a long run. I can do it another time and change my training plan to suit.

Anyway, I thought I’d share that with you all, as I might well have misplaced my mojo, but I’m sure it will come right back at me with a bang soon. 🙂

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8 Responses to Misplaced my Mojo?

  1. sturoid says:

    Some ideas how to get it back –

    – mix up the days and times you do long run – often if its Sunday morning you can feel its “hanging” over you so mix it up – sat or sun and at different times
    – find some new people to run with, map some new routes
    – run without music – better to be in tune with your body and your surroundings
    – mix up your sessions – check out the book how to run faster for lots of good ideas
    – cut back on the weights, could be too much! long distance running and weights aren’t the best match in terms of fitness goals

  2. Stuart says:

    Also just head out without your garmin and gismos to rediscover the joy of running. Sometimes we get a bit tied up with technology and it can take the joy out of it. So just head out, don’t set a time or pace and just enjoy it.

  3. Stuart says:

    Plus – enter an actual event to get back into the feeling of why you are training

    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks for the ideas Stuart… I’m pretty sure it’s just a bit of tweaking in my training plan I need to do. I need to incorporate my Run Club runs as part of my training and maybe only just do one more additional long run (so that I’m not doing too much). Good point about the weights and long distance not quite being a match…trouble is I’m really enjoying the strength work just now! We’ll see what happens.

      • Stuart says:

        I was the same – really enjoying weights to tone up but it was too much for me – my legs were like lead weights on runs.

  4. Dave says:

    It was a cut back week, we have to have them, sometimes planned, sometimes forced, sometimes just needed.
    Running does not have to be top of list every day or even every week. You are fit enough to take a few days from running and you do loads else. A few days and your feet will be itching to be out in the rain and snow.
    You don’t need to look for running mojo it will appear soon enough
    Keep blogging

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