Weekly Training Plan Wk6

Six weeks / half way into my marathon training and I’m still tweaking my training days to make sure it’s working for me.

It shouldn’t be all that complicated: some runs (3-4) plus some strength work on alternating days, plus some rest when I need it. The long run being the most important of course.

This last week I thought I had it almost right, but it still needs a few tweaks, here’s what I’m thinking:

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength Upper
PM: Rest

Tue AM: Rest
(possible lunchtime easy 5k)
PM: Kaizen Run Club Coach (6-7 miles)

Wed AM: Super 8s Strength Lower
PM: Metafit (or rest if I need it)

Thu: Rest

Fri AM: Super 8s Strength Pull Ups
(possible lunchtime easy 5k)
PM: Rest

Sat AM: Long Run
PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Run Club Coach (6-7 miles)
PM: 4hrs Swimming Teaching

I probably don’t need the extra lunchtime runs so I might not do them and spend my time then more wisely. I always find when I run too much 4+ times a week it starts to take its toll. Everything in moderation. 😉

This week after doing a hard fast run at lunch yesterday, plus three strength sessions in the week, I’m feeling it and can’t get my head around going out for my 16 miler. :-/

My feet are a bit sore which is a bit of a thought, so I think an extra day if rest should do them good.

So Saturday will be my second rest day of the week (i need it i think) and I’ll do my 16 miler tomorrow morning before Kaizen Run Club. I’m getting them to do 1 mile loops anyway, so it should be fine. 🙂

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