Wk5 Training Summary

This week was a little odd. After quite a heavy week training last week with lots of runs and strength work, this week I felt like I needed more rest.

It’s my 4th week of marathon training anyway, so is meant to be my ‘easy’ week, so I took advantage and had 4/7 as rest days!

By the end of Sunday I’ll probably have earned around 30,000 Nike fuel points, but as you can see from above I had a rather healthy amount of rest days: Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun.

Part of that was going to visit my Dad and deciding spending time with him was more important than running, along with travelling. You’ve got to get a balance sometimes I think and training shouldn’t be the be all and end all.

On Monday I took a good rest day after the long week, and on Wednesday I just felt like I needed it (so no gym in the morning or Metafit at night for me).

Anyway, rest is good, 😉 and here’s what I did on the days of the week:

Mon: Rest & Fast
Walk to and from work, food prep.

Tue: Lunchtime: 5k easy run, 32 mins
PM: 4.6M easy run Kaizen Run Club, with 2.3M run commute.
10M running in total.
Walk to work.

Wed: Rest
Walk from work

Thu: AM: 10M run before work. 🙂
30 min Kettlebell workout with Fiona
Walk to work (got soaked!!)

Fri: AM: Super 8s Full Body Strength Workout, 50 minutes.
Plus 22hr Fast

Sat: Rest
1.2M walk

Sun: Rest, Travel, Teach Swimming.

I’ll add the Garmin links and totals in later, bit although I didn’t do much this week, what I did do, I enjoyed. And it was still 3 runs (20 miles), 1 full body strength session and quite a few walks (around 5 miles). 🙂

January 2013 Summary

Here’s my Nike Fuel points summary for January:

My sickness on 7th, 8th & 9th jumps out, but apart from that I think I’ve had quite a good and active month. 🙂

A couple of long run days towards the end of the month got me lots of points, in fact, the other morning after my 10 mile run, I got my usual 4000 point target by 8am! I’ve taken rest where I’ve needed it (yellow days usually), and I ran a total 111.4 miles. 🙂

Wk6 Plan

I’ll do my lower strength workout at the start of the week so I safe my legs for my long run at the weekend:

Mon: AM: Super 8s Strength Lower
Fast, PM: Food Prep
Tue: 5k Lunchtime run
Kaizen Run Club: 5-7 miles (hills)
Wed: AM: Super 8s Strength Upper
PM: Metafit
Thu: Rest (or Run in AM) & Fast
Fri: AM: Super 8s Strength Pull Ups
Sat: Long Run 16M
Sun: Kaizen Run Club: 5-7 miles
Teaching Swimming

That should do. 🙂 I really want yo push it next week with the strength work. Bella free weights section is out of use so I might go back to the commonwealth arena next week. We’ll see.

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