Wk3 Training Summary

Week 3 of 2013 and I was finally getting back to normal. Although I didn’t get a long run in last week, I enjoyed 3 runs, 4 strength sessions and I did a Metafit class as part of my training to become a Metafit instructor on Sunday.

I earned almost 29,000 Nike fuel pints, my highest weekly total of this year so far, but not quite as near as my 2012 weekly averages of around 35,000.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon AM: Super 8s Strength
51 mins, 378 cals, Ave HR: 133, Max HR: 163, GTE: 2.5
PM: Easy 10k run with Fit Girl
56:31, 409 cals, Ave HR: 135, Max HR: 165, GTE: 2.3

Tue AM: Rest
PM: Kaizen Run Club: 3.2 miles hills + 2.2 miles commute.
1:17hrs, 500 cals.

Wed AM: Super 8s Strength
52:39 mins, 339 cals, Ave HR: 133, Max HR: 177, GTE: 2.3

Thu: Rest

Fri AM: 10k Dreadmill
56:31 mins, 554 cals, Ave HR: 157, Max HR: 179, GTE: 4.4

Sat AM: Super 8s Strength
1:23hrs, 413 cals, Ave HR: 120, Max HR: 164, GTE: 2.0

Sun AM: Metafit: 30 mins plus 20 minutes training at the Metafit course
Swimming Teaching: 4hrs

It was a busy week, with a busy 12 hour day on Sunday.

I’m a fully qualified Metafit instructor now though, I just need to see if or when I might want to use it.

Wk4 Plan
And I’ve spent a bit if time updating my super 8s strength plan to include more plyo / intense exercise before the strength exercises, so hopefully my strength workouts will become more intense this week. (I’m hoping to increase my Garmin training effect to closer to 3.0).

I’m resting Monday, then I hope to do 2 strength sessions (Wed & Fri) and three or four runs (Tues, Thu, Sat & Sun): an easy 5 miler, long 12 miler, easy 8 miler and a bit of speedwork hopefully. 🙂

Mon: Rest
Tue AM: 8 mile easy run on marathon route
PM: Kaizen Run Club (speedwork)
Wed AM: Super 8s strength
PM: Metafit
Thu AM: 5 miles easy
Fri AM: Super 8s strength
Sat AM: 14 mile long run
Sun: Kaizen Run Club & Swimming Teaching

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