Wk2 – 10.25M Glasgow Marathon Training

Saturday morning and it was a chilly 2’C outside, bit clear and not raining. This was to be my first long run on the Glasgow Marathon route.

I wanted to take it nice and easy and practice trying to run at less than 80% of my max HR (150) for the majority, and to get to know some of the route too. I didn’t mind what my pace would be but I had a feeling I’d finish in around an hour and a half.

The route was good, not too hilly and through a few parks, then home. 🙂 the only bit that wasn’t too nice was the dual carriageway at Barrhead Road: long, with quite a few cars, and not a lot else, but it was fine.



With 5 minutes to go I kicked it up a gear, and ran a little faster on the way home.

I really enjoyed my run this morning. Nice and easy. I feel fortunate to be able to do this. 😀

Roll on next weekend for 12-13 miles, and I’m pleased to say I told that sick bug where to go afterall. Back to normal. 🙂

Garmin link: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/260960316



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