Wk1 Training Summary

In 2012, I started doing weekly Training Summaries and I thought I’d do them this year too (let’s see if I can keep on doing them this year!)

Wk1: 2013: 31st Dec – 6th Jan

Last week I was still on leave from work, except for Thursday and Friday. I wasn’t doing any specific training, except for a few runs and I tried out a new strength session. And did a good 8 mile run on Saturday, before getting ill with a suck bug late on Sunday. Plenty of rest. 🙂

Below are the nike fuel points I earned last week, not a very high week:

Here’s my training summary for last week.

Mon 31st: Rest (and 18hr Fast)

Tue 1st: 3.62 Miles Easy Run, 30:30 mins.
Ave HR: 141, Max HR: 159, Garmin Training Effect: 3.2

Wed 2nd: Rest (and 18hr Fast)

Thu 3rd: 5.2 Miles Easy Run, 45 mins.
Ave HR: 147, Max HR: 162, Garmin Training Effect: 3.4
Walk to and from work: 1.5 miles

Fri 4th: Strength: 26 mins: 10 min warm up run, then 8x5x5 workout.
Ave HR: 139, Max HR: 161, Garmin Training Effect: 2.5
Walk to and from work: 1.5 miles

Sat 5th: 8.25 mile long run, 1:10hrs
Ave HR: 156, Max HR: 184, Garmin Training Effect: 4.2

Sun 6th: Rest & 4hrs Swimming Teaching.

Totals: 17.07 miles running, 2:25hrs
25 mins strength training
3 miles walking to and from work

I did my first longish run of the year on Saturday. Five and a bit miles with Fit Girl, and the remaining three miles on my own.

Here’s the route and details: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/258083625

Nice and steady (although the max HR was wrong I think).

See the HR chart, it went a bit crazy at the start, and I felt fine. 🙂 (I think!)

A pretty quiet week, but it was planned that way, and the calm before the sick bug got me. I’m on Day 4 of the bug and I’m still trying to get over it. :-/ Grrr.

Great start to my marathon training, eh? I don’t really mind that much, it’s early days. I just want to eat without feeling sick after! It sure will be good when I can eat properly again!

More on that (Wk2) (not too much detail, I promise) next week!

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