How do you like your eggs?

I like boiling them for four – six minutes, poaching them for two – three minutes, or scrambled for three minutes.

On the yolk note – don’t worry about cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on internal body cholesterol in healthy individuals (we make our own), unless you are a hyper-responder which is quite rare.

I tend to go for free-range eggs from organically raised chickens, their ratio’s of polyunsaturated fats : monounsaturated fats : saturated fats is much better and closer to the ideal 1:1:1. Plus they’re looked after well, aren’t caged and are usually fed well.

It’s mostly eggs from chickens which have been raised in batches unable to move, fed on junk food, hormones and antibiotics that have their fat ratio heavily skewed to the saturated side. Aside from the low quality if the egg, it’s a shame on the poor wee chickens.

I say go free range all the way, and have then anyway you want.

Now, go eat some eggs. 🙂

Like this? Let me know, how do you eat yours?

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