Be gone sick bug: I’m prep’ing my food

Two days lying in bed or being sick, and not eating hasn’t been fun. But I’m starting to feel a bit better and although I haven’t eaten much, I’ve decided me and the sick bug are done, and I’m moving on. 🙂

In the last two and a bit days I’ve managed to stomach a muller corner, a bowl of porridge, a snack sized mars bar and an ice cream. All my favourite foods. Not all in one go, might I add. 😉

Very unlike me, I had no appetite from Sunday onwards (I had to force a snickers down to give me energy on Sunday night – not me at all!!).

It’s only now (late Tuesday) that I’m thinking I could eat something.

I got showered and dressed today and decided I’d get my food ready for the week.

After so little food and drink over the last few days I’m still not very hungry, so I just got to making my food for the week: 3 bowls of each: (plus a chicken mayo mix for tonight’s dinner.)

(Ingredients below for 1 portion)

– Half a cup of oats
– Small handful of raisins
– Small handful of flakes almonds
– About 10 blueberries
– 1 tbsp ground flax seed
– Half tspn cinnamon
– Half a cup of coconut milk
– 2 heaped tspns low fat Greek yoghurt

Mix it all up in the box, place in the fridge.

Then when you want it add half a cup of (coconut) milk or water and cook for 2:10 in the microwave (stirring half way). Add milk to taste.

(Ingredients below for 3 portions)

I started off with a peeling a cucumber. Sounds odd but it works. Use a potato peeler for long thin slices of cucumber.

(I kept the centre of the cucumber for a chicken mayo mix for tonight’s baked sweet potato filler, see below).

– Then I added a grated carrot.
– 3 tomatoes, cut into 8ths.
– A handful of chopped spinach.
– 200g cooked chicken, chopped.
– a sprinkling of chopped mixed nuts.

Then a tomato and olive oil salad dressing made from:
– 50mls extra virgin olive oil
– 2 grated tomatoes (without the skin)
– the juice of half a lemon
– a sprinkle if cinnamon.
– a bit of grated ginger.

And I had a little left over for a side salad for tonight’s dinner.

(Ingredients for 2 portions)
The potatoes are cooking in the oven, and hopefully I’ll be able to stomach them. If I do they’ll be the first proper meal I’ve had since Saturday due to this bug.

Here’s the filling I made for them:
– left over square centre of the cucumber, cut up into little squares.
– 200g chopped up cooked lime, coriander and chilli chicken.
– half a cup of peas.
– three tbsp full fat mayo.
– six small chopped sun dried tomatoes.

All mixed up together to make this:

(Ingredients for 1 serving)

– 1 tomato, cut into 8ths
– a couple of handfuls of grated cathedral city cheese
– 2 heaped tsps of low fat cottage cheese
– 2 heaped tsps low fat Greek yoghurt.
– half a cup of peas.

Three and a bit days worth if food.

On top of the food I’ve prepared I’ll have snacks including

– banana and spinach smoothies,
– Greek yoghurt and blueberries,
– and some whole wheat crackers and peanut butter OR cottage cheese I think.

I better get my appetite back or else (asda and jasper will need to eat the food). 😉 lol

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