Food prep for this week

I’m at work for two days this week and have already done my two single days of fasting on Monday and Wednesday, so I’ve to prepare for two days food this week.

I’m aiming to eat a little more healthy than I have been, aiming for more natural food (meat, fish, veg, berries, nuts) and less sweet and processed foods.

Here’s what I’m planning:


I already made my really simple nutty porridge for breakfast:

Protein shake
This will be based on almond milk, vanilla protein powder, an egg, peanut butter and some cucumber I think.

Mid morning snack
Left over Protein shake

Chicken & Lemon Salad box
Here’s the ingredients for this one:
– A handful of Sultanas
– 2 tsps ground flax seed
– 5 sliced cherry tomatoes
– diced cucumber
– sliced cooked chicken
– 3 sliced spring onions
– 6 tsps of lemon dressing: extra virgin olive oil, juice from half a lemon, sprinkle of cinnamon.

Mid afternoon snacks
Nuts (cashews)
Cheese, tomato and ham box
Here’s the ingredients for this one:
– small handful of chopped almonds
– 5 sliced cherry tomatoes
– a handful of grated cathedral city cheese
– 2 tsps low fat Greek yoghurt
– 2 tsps ground flax seed
– sliced cooked ham
– 1 tbsp of peas

I’m not sure what dinner will be but hopefully a that good above will keep me going.

This kind of food prep really helps me stay on track with healthy eating. I prepare most if my meals for work at the start of the week, and there’s not much I need to do in the mornings apart from make a protein shake, cook my pre prepared porridge and get my food boxes from the fridge. 🙂

That’s my food prep for this week, are you getting organised and prepared for healthy eating in 2013?

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