Wk51 – 8 miles and 1,000 miles for 2012

I had planned to run the 6 mile loop de loop route from Bella with Kathi today, but at the last minute she pulled out, so I called upon my ever reliable running buddy Jackie to go on the run with instead. 🙂

I did an hour and a half in the gym with Fit Girl (lots of weights then a bit if fun on the new cable machine) before I met Jackie, and got changed afterwards, meeting Jackie at 10am.

The weather wasn’t too nice (cold, wet and windy) when we headed out, but I knew my gillet would keep my torso dry and the rest would be ok. My cap kept the rain out of my eyes and we had a good chat and laugh as usual on the way round.

As some of you who follow me will know, today I was about to run my 1,000th mile of this year, and at 4.7 miles in, along Corkerhill Road I reached my goal. I kept going though, and finished the 6 mile loop in a nice steady and comfortable pace. Jackie’s so good at keeping a steady pace and I just ran with her.

We hugged and said goodbye and happy Christmas and I ran home from there. Just as I was leaving, I spied Cris from work and Barry about to start their run so I tagged along with them through Bella park for a mile or so before leaving them for home.

I got home and any piece of clothing that wasn’t unseemly waterproof and windproof gillet was soaked through. Right through to my pants! And My quads were wet and bright red with the cold. (That gillet is a godsend! – a great present from my Kaizen Runners! I might get a jacket like it I think!)

I had a good run and gym session anyway, and I’m looking forward to the next 10 days of leave I’ve got so I can do a bit more playing / running / relaxing!

Here’s the Garmin link to my run today:

And here’s a trophy and certificate they gave me at work (yesterday prematurely) for reaching my goal of running 1,000 miles in 2012. 🙂

I wonder what I should set my distance goal at next year!?

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