Wk50 – 13.1M Half Marathon PB

I fancied doing a wee half marathon run on my own this weekend. I’ve spent the majority of my runs with others this year, either running with friends, coaching or pacing at events.

Apart from the D33 in March I haven’t really raced my own event or fast run. I decided I felt like doing a ‘run as you feel’ run. And with no real plan, I decided I’d do the half marathon route I made up myself a few years ago, and thr one I’ve done a few times.

It was dark right up to about 8am, then by 8:20 I was ready to leave and it had brightened up (although it didn’t look too friendly outside).

Here’s me before I left, nice and bright as usual. It was meant to be around 6’C, windy and not very nice so I layered up just incase. I opted for knee length shorts with my running shorts over them, a compression top, Tshirt and gillet on top.

Just before Ieft I has a bladder malfunction, luckily of the bag kind and not the body kind! 😉

Gloves, a cap and a buff finished off my look and I headed out.

I started off quick, perhaps too quick, but I felt good and tried to not really think about my pace too much.

The second mile was a bit slower and I was starting to question myself. Why was I doing this? Why was I running so fast? I was keeping an eye of my heart rate and it was hanging around 160 (85%) which was fine by me. I’ve not really been pushing myself with my running and it was starting to feel good.

The next few miles were pretty steady. I managed to get into a good rhythm. It was hard going up the bus lane up to Victoria Road, but I ploughed on.

Over to Dumbreck Road and into Pollok Park, into the park then through the deepest darkest Forrest. At around half way (6.5 miles) I took on a SIS caffeine gel. And I’d been sipping from my water pack through out.

I worked out the times I’d been running and I knew if I kept going the way I was I’d maybe manage a PB. I had to beat 1:39 or so but I hadn’t planned to, so I hadn’t checked exactly.

I just kept running, trying to stay strong. Up towards Bellahouston and I toyed with the idea of going to the toilet (I thought I needed and I’d get a well earned rest), but I knew I didn’t really need. My mind was just offering me ways out of keeping my body working hard.

Through Bella park and I took one such offer when I told myself I didn’t want to continue up the hill towards the steps in the park, so I hung a left and told myself I’d make up the distance at the end.

Miles 10 & 11 were up Nithsdale Road. I’m not sure why but love running the roller coaster that Nithsdale Road is. Up down up down. It slowed me down a bit but I kept strong and kept ticking the miles off. My watch vibrated each mike to let me know that once again my pace was comfortably under 8 minute miles.

A couple of miles to go and I knew I was in with a good chance of beating my PB. I was feeling it though. My hip had been sore since mile 9, and from about mile 8 I’d noticed the unfamiliar feeling of lactic acid build up in my calves. I was concentrating on keeping going and keeping going fast and strong.  I’m really good at ignoring little niggles like the one in my hip and before I knew it, I was thinking about something else instead.

Round the corner at Sheild’s Road and onto Albert Drive, down towards the lights near seaward street. I had three quarters of a mile to the finish. I ran up a back street to add the extra bit on I’d missed, then up seaward at and at 13.1 miles I stopped my watch.

1:38:19. PB. 🙂

I stopped and my heart was racing. It had maxed at 174 (92%) and been 163 (86%) on average throughout. I scored a 5.0 on Garmin Training Effect: overreaching.

It was nice to be able to run at my max and beat a PB I’d gotten in a race a few years ago.

Afterwards I had some more water, mars bar milkshake and a shower, before going out for lunch which was soup to start and sea bass with sweet potato for the main.

And I don’t have blurry vision after either: I must have hydrated enough. 🙂

Here’s the Garmin link:


Oh and it was a negative split too… 7:35 for the first half, 7:25 got the second half, even with the hills. 🙂

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5 Responses to Wk50 – 13.1M Half Marathon PB

  1. Brilliant Lorn! Fantastic achievement and an astounding time. Well done petal xxxx

  2. Wow , cracking time Lorne all that mix of training and slower runs really paying off

    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks Dave. I probably could have planned it a big better and done some speedwork in the less up to it, but it was nice to just go out and let go without any planning too. 😀 sore lower legs today but ill survive. 😉 x

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