Monday morning workout

Bella gym is meant to be reopening up after 9 days of a refit. I had a sneaky peak on Saturday and it features grey, white and orange walls, and lots of new shiny equipment and weights. And they have a new barbell rack so I’ll be making use of that I think. 🙂

I’ll be there at 630am tomorrow if I can get out of bed. 😉

Here’s what I’m planning in the gym tomorrow:

24s Barbell Deadlift
1. Basketball Jumps
2. Squat to clean & press (singles)
3. Deadlift to upright row
4. Power sledgehammer
24s Barbell Deadlift
1. Bench Jumps
2. Chest Press
3. Bent Over Row (singles)
4. Landmines
24s Barbell Deadlift
1. Squat thrusts
2. Press ups

(2 repeats of the circuits of 4 exercises, then 5 repeats of the 2 exercises to finish me off. 12-20 reps)

I noticed in the commonwealth arena that I appeared to be working harder (Garmin Training Effect 3.0, instead of 2.4 at Bella). I think it might be due to chatting less and taking less rest, so I’m going to try and get into a little world of my own tomorrow if I can. Stop speaking to the (old) men who are in there, and get on with my workout! 😉

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