Why I like December: gym to myself!

It was a bit of a thought getting out of bed for 610am this morning, and with warnings of black ice I was sure to be careful driving to the Commonwealth Arena.

I remember this last December actually, before the madness of get for January, the gyms across the city and empty.

Here’s the commonwealth arena gym when it’s empty. 🙂

I did a 45 minute workout: the usual:

24s followed by 4 exercises: plyo, push, pull, abs done twice,

then another 24s and another 4 exercises repeated twice,

then 24s and I went on to do 3 sets of leg press / calf press / quick jumps.

A hard work out, scoring 3 on the Garmin Training Effect. 🙂

Apologies for the bed head and unladylike pose! 😉

It was the only time I was sitting down as I do all of my exercise standing up!

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