Sucker for Numbers

Oh my, I really am a sucker for numbers.  I totted up my totals for this year so far, and realised something quite annoying which I think I will have to do something about!

This year, I’ve run 936.5 miles … which is just 63.5 miles short of 1,000 miles!  With just over 3 weeks to go, or 26 days to go (less Christmas and Boxing Day = 24 days)… it means that if I want to reach 1,000 miles for the year, I need to do around 22 miles a week.

This happened last year, when on the 29th of December, I realised I had 37 miles to go to round me up to 1,300 miles, so I ran 26.2 miles on the 30th and (a rather slow and painful steady) 10.8 on the 31st of December! So I have a bit of a habit of wanting to round my running miles up.

I’ve run an average of 19.1 miles per week, for 49 weeks, so perhaps 22 miles a week for the next 3 weeks (even with the snow and ice) should be ok.

Here’s the plan:


I’ll need to do some long runs on Saturdays, but that should be fine.  🙂

Oh and here are my overall totals for this year so far  -49 weeks in:

2013 totals

222 runs
27 cycles
5 swims
281 walks
113 strength workouts
18 circuits sessions
8 bodypump workouts
1 basketball

I’ve done a lot more strength work this year than my usual, and less running (14 long runs = 176 miles!), but it’s still been good.  Just 6 times on the treadmill… 15.4 miles… and 34 runs with Kaizen Run Club (131 miles), not to mention the commute to Kaizen (68.5 miles – showing it all adds up).  🙂

I’m off out for 4 or so miles tonight.

What about you?  How many miles have you run this year and are you like me in wanting to ’round up’ your annual miles?

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