The Happiness Code

I was in town doing some Christmas Shopping on Saturday and I came across this book (and bought it for myself!):

happinesscodeThe Happiness Code: 10 keys to being the best you can be, by Domonique Bertolucci

Here’s the synopsis of it:

Happiness begins with a choice.  You can unlock the secret to living your best life with these ten simple keys:

  1. Take Charge:
    Make strong conscious decisions.
  2. Let it go:
    Recognise the things you have control over and let go of all that you don’t.
  3. Live for now:
    Live in the moment and enjoy each day for what it is.
  4. Expect the best:
    Expect the best from life.
  5. Back yourself:
    Believe in yourself, in your dreams and in your right to pursue those dreams.
  6. Get out of the way:
    Give yourself permission to do, be and have all that you can in life.
  7. Be grateful:
    Remember, despite all you might still want, to feel gratitude for how rich your life already is.
  8. Give all you can:
    Be generous, not just with your money but with your spirit, your time and your energy, and don’t judge.
  9. Keep it up:
    Commit to being the best you can be.
  10. Be brave:
    Find the courage to become that person.

At some point or other, many of us feel like we’re missing something, we look at others and wonder ‘how is that person so content with their life?’ What do they have that I don’t?’ These questions are not uncommon and are asked by thousands of people every day. In our hectic lifestyles, we have to spend most of our time focusing on the external aspects; finishing a work deadline, worrying about relationships, the mortgage, the kids, its no wonder we can find the time to sleep!

There just seems no time for self-discovery in the stead of everything else. The Happiness Code shows you the way to unlock you inner happiness and shed the negative veil you have not only been viewing the world through, but yourself as well. A happy soul leads to a happy life and if you apply these skills to yours, and those closest to you, you will be amazed at the difference. The Happiness Code provides readers with the answer they have been searching for: enduring happiness is not a result of the things you’ve done, but the person you’ve chosen to be.

Here’s some more info here:

I’m on chapter 3 so far and it’s pretty good reading… all very much the way I live my life… so hence the reason I’m usually happy most of the time!

Finally, want to see how happy or super you are?  Take my Super Human Test here.  🙂  Score your life as to how happy you are with it, and find out where you might be able to improve things.

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