Wednesday Early Morning Strength

The world appeared to be conspiring against me this morning as I attempted to get to the gym for around 6:30am.

Firstly… I only managed to drag my ass out of bed for 6:20am… (ok, that was my fault, not the world’s fault)… and secondly when I got out to my car ( which was parked ages away because all of the usual spaces were taken the last time I parked ), it was all iced over and I had to defrost it. :-/

So I managed to get on the bike for a 5 minute warm up at around 6:50am… 20 minutes late.  Oops.

Then onto the following sets:

24s Bent Over Row (with one rather large 32.5kg dumbbell)

2 circuits of:

  1. Power Sledgehammer (x20: 15kg plate)
  2. Bent Over Row (x12: both arms: 14kg)
  3. Squat to Dumbbell Clean & Press (x12: singles: 15kg)
  4. Landmines (x20: 15kg plate)

24s Bent Over Row (with one rather large 32.5kg dumbbell)

3 circuits of:

  1. Mountain Climbers (x20)
  2. Dumbbell Chest / Bench Press (x12: 2 x 15kg)
  3. Dumbbell Deadlift (x12: 2 x 18kg)
  4. Leg Raises (x20)

2 x 12 Bent Over Row Singles on Bench (18kg)

3 x 8 Chin ups

It was about 50 minutes in total and I felt like I worked hard. I was lifting slightly heavier 🙂 As usual I didn’t have breakfast before I trained, and after the limited food yesterday (24 hr fast followed by dinner at 8pm)…. I was a little hungry during the workout.  No harm done. 🙂

Wednesday night I’m doing my 5.1M run, then taking Thursday as a full rest day, before hitting the gym on Friday morning and a run with Jackie on Saturday morning.

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