A day of numbers

Today started off with almost not being able to get out of bed for a run, then getting out of bed to do a run and ended with having done a total of 11 miles of running, 20 minutes of walking, all done on a 24 hour fast. 🙂

Here goes:

5:50am first alarm.
6:05am second alarm.
6:30am should have got out of bed but didn’t.
6:35am I’ll get up at 6:45am
6:45am I’ll definitely get up at 6:50am
7:00am dressed, music on, out the door
7:02am started my run

4.3 miles
8 min mile pace
Good run 🙂

1 short walk to work
8 hour shift at work
1 meeting
Lots of emails and a few phone calls

24 hour fast
4 cups of green tea
2 protein shakes
4 bottles of water

1 walk home from work

1.1 mile run to Kaizen Run Club

4.5 miles of speedwork with Kaizen Run Club:
7 Kaizen Runners and 1 me.
18 min warm up run
4 x 40:40 sprints
4 x 20:20 sprints
3 minutes of team sprints
10 min cool down run

1.1 mile run home

1 serving of the best tasting chicken katsu I’ve ever had, followed by a cherry greek yoghurt. Yum!

4.3 + 2.2 + 4.5 = 11 miles of running
1.5 miles of waking
1 meal
1 day at work
1 successful Kaizen Run Club speedwork session with 7 Kaizen Runners


What numbers did you do today?

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