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SportPursuitA few months ago I was approached by someone from Sport, to see if I would like to take advantage of some of their offers and review them on here.

Sport Pursuit is a website which offers great discounts on well known sports products and services. All you need to do to take advantage of the deals and offers they have is to sign up as a Sport Persuit member and they’ll contact you with weekly offers and sales.

You can check out their Sales by brand or by Categories. And the duration of the sales are noted at the bottom of the brand sections (Asics currently below: 7 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes)

Their sales last for around 7 days. Basically you go on and look for something you might like, and you see how long the sale will last. The items are available at a fixed reduced and exclusive price. The only down side is that you need to wait a while for the sale to end, then your item is dispatched.

So far I’ve made two purchases:

  • a Long Sleeved Ice Breaker top, reduced from £60 to £39.
  • a Timex watch, reduced from £50 to £20.

I knew I wasn’t getting them immediately, and was pleased with the discount I got, so the slight delay in delivery wasn’t really an issue. It is a little odd at first to sign up to it, but once you’ve signed up it’s well worth the discounts that are available to you.

Sport Pursuit have sales on different types of brands, so if you want to make the most of them, it’s best to just take a look every now and again. Or you can sign up for the emails they send you to take advantage of the offers and deals they have on.

They must be good as they’ve been voted new E-Retailer of the year.
If you have any FAQs, go here.
Or to find out more about how Sport Persuit works, go here.

If you want to sign up and benefits from their sales, click this link:

Sign up to Sport Persuit

Finally, here are some of the reviews from existing customers:

Great business and fantastic staff

I bought a couple of Marmot items at over 50% off……. Every few weeks one of the top brands comes in with a sale that really saves a lot of money (in my case £300+). To add to the saving, the staff (one of the founders in fact) were awesome. They wrote back to my enquiries in minutes and worked hard to get me my gear before I went skiing.

I can’t praise or recommend them enough!

Ben, 1st February 2012

Fantastic concept, great website, great service

I love the concept of the website and don’t mind the fact I have to wait a little longer than most websites to receive my items. The brands you work with are great and make you an appealing company to look to for new kit. Email notifications mean I don’t miss a chance and come frequently.

Small enquiries and feedback was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Alex, 29th May 2012

Awesome Sales, Amazing Service

I found this site by chance and kept an eye on the sales until some running gear came up for sale. I bought my item and it was delivered earlier than I expected but it didn’t fit so I had to send it back. I will definitely have no worries about using this site again – customer service is second to none and I hope it remains this way.

Lucy, 30th May 2012

Awesome and personal!

Every time I’ve contacted the SportPursuit team I’ve received an automated response and then had a personal follow-up from real people using real everyday language – refreshing and where it’s at! Love it!

Rachel, 6th July 2012

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