Wk47 My Training Plan

After a rather busy end to my week last week…(I’d had an easy start to the week last week as I wanted to let myself get over the cold).  I figured I should really take Monday of this week as a rest day. I lay in in the morning and made leek and potato soup for dinner.

Then on Tuesday I ran just over 7 miles (3.4 miles of which with the Kaizen Run Club).


Now I’m back fighting fit and here’s the rest of my plan for the week:

Mon: Rest

Tues: AM Rest (lie in)
PM: 7.2 miles running (3.4M Hills with Kaizen Run Club).

Wed: AM 1 hour of strength
PM: Metafit and maybe a run or more strength

Thu: AM 5M run (think it’s going to be pouring
PM: Rest

Fri: AM 45 mins – 1 hr strength
PM: Lunchtime easy run

Sat: AM 1-1:30 strength / running
PM: Rest

Sun: AM: Swimming Teaching
PM: Kaizen Run Club trains for the Santa Dash! (2 weeks to go).

3 strength, 1 metafit, 4 runs, 1 full rest day.  🙂

Oh and some other news… I cracked open a new pair of Saucony Paramounts today … they will be my gym trainers and I’ll try and keep them clean! (ie not run in them).

And (after just over 100 days) my Nike Fuel Band died.  😦  First it just ran out of batteries and went dead.  I did a factory reset and now it’s not recording any activity.  I’ve been in touch with Nike and they’re sending a replacement…. apparently and average of 4,500 points a day is heavy usage!  Mmmmm…. I hope the new one lasts!

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