Kaizen Run Club does FLAT hills!

Tuesday night at Kaizen Run Club trains for the Santa Dash and we did some hill work… I have a saying with hills… don’t call them hills.  Don’t even think about them as hills.  Look down at the ground and pretend they are flat!

We did 6 flat hills tonight.  We turned left about a block from the Marriott and went up and up and up and up, then up again towards where the Glasgow School of Art is.

As we’re training for the Santa Dash, I wore my very plush Santa hat (that I got from Tesco for £4.88).  I’m not sure how many funny looks I got… but hey, it is only 35 days to Christmas after all! 😉

Here’s what we did tonight… 6 hills… 3 times each… 🙂  We had Super Santa and Pingu the Penguin joining us tonight (as well as Bushra, Susan, Sandra, Pauline, Laura and Ryan – (and it was Ryan’s first time – so welcome Ryan!)).

3.44M, 46 minutes, Garmin link here.

Anyway, they all did well on the hills…. apart from Pauline and Bushra giving up on one of the hills… and the rest of us ran back down to get them!!

So I thought I’d get together some tips and links on how to run up them with more ease:

1. Don’t kill yourself running up a hill, if you feel the strain slow your pace down.

2. If you look up and the hill looks like it will never end, look down at the ground and pretend the ground you are running on is flat.

3. Use positive self talk or a mantra to motivate you to keep running up that hill, good phrases like ‘you can do it’, ‘it’s flat, it’s flat, keep going’ might help.

4. Remember what goes up has to come down. After your hard work climbing the hills, you’ll get a good recovery with running down the hills that come after them.

5. Start slowly going up the hill, build speed and when you get two thirds of the way up, power yourself up to the top.

6. Use your arms more to power your body and keep momentum going up the hills.

7. When you’re training for an event… spend some time training on the hills you will run.  This means that when it comes to the event, you’ll breeze it and nothing will come as a surprise to you.  Also try to wear what you’re going to wear ( or at least a Santa hat 😉 ) so that you get used to it and feel comfortable with it on.

8. Most if all, try to enjoy yourself! Don’t take running too serious!  Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Heres some more links which might help with running hills, pacing yourself and believing in yourself: 🙂

Uphill running tips
downhill running
believe in yourself
50 minute pacing test
how to run faster and slower
are you a positive or negative person?

Enjoy and well done to all the Kaizen Runners tonight.  Santa says you did well good!  🙂

Finally… want to join in our Kaizen Run Club?
Go here and sign up.
We’re a good little welcoming fun run club and we run from the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow on Tuesdays at 18:15 and Sundays at 1pm (until the New Year when it will revert to 10:30am).

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