Santa Dash Route for Kaizen Run Club

Today I took a look into the Glasgow Santa Dash route for 2012.  I’m still to have it confirmed by the council, but here’s what it was last year:

Quite a few at Kaizen have entered the run, and with just over 3 weeks to go, we’ll be covering some of the route in our training sessions.  Santa hat… (or not).  🙂

Luckily for us, the route runs almost past our front door (we leave from the Marriott Hotel on Argyll Street)…. so Sunday’s run (18th November) will involve all of the route here (starting from the Marriott):

Then we’ll do something like the following in the run up to it:

Tue 20th: Hills
Sun 25th: Route specific 4 miles, perhaps back to front route.
Tue 27th: Speedwork
Sun 2nd: Route specific long 5 miles
Tues 4th: Route specific 3-5k.
Sun 9th: Santa Dash!

When training for an event it’s a good idea to cover some or all of the route so you get used to it and there are no surprises.  The Santa Dash is a fun day, and the runners probably won’t even notice the route.  It’s all about enjoying yourself and laughing at the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Santas all running through the cold Winter streets of Glasgow at silly o’clock in the morning!  🙂

For a view of how good last years Santa Dash was – see this video:

(Courtesy of Cris Walsh and some of his friends and family – special mention to the very cute little Holly Walsh!)

Finally, if you want to join our Kaizen Run Club for some fun, chat and running, go here:

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