Kaizen Run Club tonight

Tonight for our Kaizen Run Club, I’m planning a wee 2 mile warm up run then some speedwork on the Clydeside.

When introducing speed work into a training programme, it’s important to do so safely. Running faster will force you to break out of your comfort zone and start recruiting your previously unused fast-twitch muscle fibers. Doing too much, too soon, however, will result in injury, so it’s important to sprinkle in speed work in small doses.

Tonight we’ll do some Strides:


Strides are an easy and effective way to gently fire up those fast-twitch muscle fibers that will power your future speed workouts. So, how do you do them?

After one or two of your regular old runs during the week, find a flat stretch of road and accelerate for 15-20 seconds. Once you approach top speed, gradually decelerate back down to a jog.

Repeat four to six times and take a minute or so between repeats to catch your breath and get ready to go again. Remember, these aren’t all-out sprints but short accelerations. Focus on running relaxed with fluid form: get up on your toes and lift your knees a little more than you ordinarily would while covering ground quickly and comfortably.

And we’ll do some team games too:

Sprint Relays:

In groups of three, we’ll see how many times we can run from point to point individually as a group.  Runner 1 runs as fast as they can to Runner 2, Runner 2 runs as fast as they can to Runner 3, then Runner 3 runs back to where Runner 1.  See how many complete loops the group can do in 5 minutes.

R1           R2            R3

And then we might do some Fartlek if there’s any time left.  All with the aim to have fun as a group and to push Kaizen’s to run that little bit faster in the long run.  🙂

To sign up to join us, go here:


We meet at the Marriott Hotel at 18:15 tonight.

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