Fast, Eat, Fast (don’t gorge!), Rest

I’ve noticed with my fasting that I have more more care free attitude to what and how much in eating when I’m not fasting. I’ve read that gorging can be a side effect of fasting, and I’ve noticed that since I’ve started fasting twice a week, that I’ve probably been guilty of gorging.

So I’m going stop eating and eating and eating, and write down what I plan to eat on each type of day:
fast day 18hrs,
fast day 24hrs and
a normal eating day.

Fast day 18hrs
Stop eating at 8pm the night before
630am Gym workout
8am Water, Protein shake & Green Tea
9am Coffee
Until 2pm plenty of Water and Green Tea
2pm Bagel and cottage cheese

Fast day 24hrs
Stop eating at 8pm the night before
8am Water, Protein shake & Green Tea
9am Coffee
Until 8pm plenty of Water and Green Tea
630pm Easy run 60 mins
8pm Dinner as normal

Non fast day
8am: Porridge or scrambled eggs and tomatoes, protein shake11am: Left over protein shake.
1pm: Protein box (chicken, egg, salad, cottage cheese, nuts).
3pm: Bagel and cottage cheese
4pm: Melon / Nuts / Greek yoghurt / tracker bar (if hungry)
7pm: Dinner

I’m not putting on any weight, in fact I’ve maintained my weight for ages now, I just know that by coming in from work and snacking on anything I can get my hands on isn’t the way to be going! So I’m going to be a bit more careful and make sure that I eat and drink enough throughout the day.

They say that when you fast, after a while your body stops the need for gorging, and just gets used to the fasted state, where it increases growth hormone and repairs itself. Lets see what happens in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a little experiment. I am at the tail end of a cold and have been pretty hungry with it. I had a really tasty burger yesterday and have been packing myself full of nutritious veg, as well as night nurse and the allowed amount of sudafed cold remedies.

They say you should ‘feed a cold and starve a fever’, and they also say that sometimes it’s good not to eat so that your body ours all of its energy into fighting off the bugs.

Tomorrow I’m going to try another 24hr fast day. With plenty if water and green tea, hopefully I’ll feel better by the end of it. a mini detox I guess.

Exercise wise, although I kept exercising last week, I’ve decided this week is going to be a rest week, with me doing only Kaizen Run Club and nothing else unless I miraculously feel better.

Last week (and for the last few weeks) I was really busy / active, time to get off the treadmill and give my body a rest I think.

I know that rest and recover is important, so if I get plenty of both, I should come back fighting fit and even stronger. 🙂

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