50 Peaks up Glen Douglas

Remember remember the 5th November. It was the day me and my good running bud Jackie went adventurising in the amazing Scottish countryside.

Jackie found a good route from Inverbeg on the West shores of Loch Lomond: walk around 3 miles from Inverbeg along a road, past a cottage and over a bridge, then up Tullich Hill.

There wasn’t a path as such but we made our way to the top anyway (around 2000ft). Or at least we thought we did. Time after time after time we kept getting to what we thought was the top to be confronted by another peak!

The sight almost always made us swear out loud…. ‘Ba$¥rd!’ Lol it was pretty funny though. Here’s me at the top of the first hill.

It was a cold clear day and the views were spectacular! You could see over to loch long, arrochar, Ben ime, the cobbler and right over to Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond. It really was stunning and nice to see some of the peaks I’d already climbed.

Of course I took Asda and Jasper and they enjoyed themselves. Jackie too her fit beaver goober too so we had quite a few laughs about them.

There’s Tullich hill behind me.

We stopped for lunch in a sunny spot about 3hrs in.

I thought this cloud looked like a dog. Perhaps my imagination was getting carried away with me?

As the day went on the clouds came down from the south, but where we were headed it was still clear and sunny.

Here’s the view from the second hill. And me at the top of the second peak. (The cobbler and ben ime behind me). As you can see, it wasn’t too cold.

We had the expected odd snow ball throw / fight and at one point jackie, threw a small bit of ice / snow at me and I managed to inhale it. Very strange, but funny. Guess you needed to be there. 😉

As the sun was going down it was about 15:15 and I was a little worried we might not make it to the third peak before it got dark. We were walking along a ridge from the 2nd peak to the 3rd and thought maybe a sensible option might be to cut the walk short to get back still in daylight.

We could see the top, but it looked miles away. We deliberated a bit, thinking it might be safer just to go down, but decided we had time on our side and still had it in us to get up and down before it got dark at around 5pm.

We reached the top of the third peak around 10 minutes later and the views were amazing. We were around 2300ft up this time and could see all around us: across to Ben Lomond, and all the way down (or up?) Loch Lomond.

The sun was gong lower and casting some lovely rays over the part we’d walked up. We felt truly fortunate to be experiencing this, and being able to do it and enjoy it.

Jackie was being a little cautious going downhill at the start, then towards the end she was running down the hill like a hill goat. It was really funny. I had started off running down, then was being more cautious the further down we got. It was a little wet under ground and I was worried I might slip… Which I did of course. I managed to save my bum from hitting the ground, but nearly twisted my knee and landed my hand in some muddy mess.

After we got off the hills, it was a three miles walk along the road to Inverbeg. The sun was setting and the colours were amazing.

This was me when we got back to the car at around 5pm. I had a bagel and cottage cheese to keep me going, then we drove home to Glasgow.

It was a great day. A long day, as I’d been up since 630 for an easy gym session, then we started the walk at just after 10am.

12.5 miles, 3 (50?) peaks, 6.5 hours. 🙂

Here’s the Garmin link for it.

And with all that walking and activity, got my most Nike fuel points ever, over 10,000! Jeezo. What a day to remember! Well worth taking a day off work for! 🙂

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  1. sandra says:

    Gorgeous pics 🙂

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