Super Lean Regime Wk6

Week 6 of my Super Lean Regime this week and I did a 3.5M (6 x 2 min fast, 1 min recovery) speed workout followed by a 22 minute strength session this morning…

I’m changing it up a little this week and going for more running and hopefully a little more efficient / less strength / jumping / metafit to see if I can help my ankle niggle disappear (it’s only sore when I jump, do plyo or metafit).

I find that with running I’m able to push myself harder than with other exercise types like the bike etc – so I’m going to do some good hard cardio run sessions and cut down the time I spend doing strength work.

This morning’s speedwork effort was good – ave HR of 81%, max HR of 90% – Garmin Training Effect 3.4.  🙂  Plus, I’ll earn more Nike Fuel points by running and might beat my brother!

Here’s this week’s plan:

For specifics on what cardio intervals in week 6, see the table above, and for the 12 week Super Lean Training plan see here. 😉

As you can see – it’s pretty flexible and as long as you get aiming to get 3 cardio and 3 strength in you should be on the way to getting Super Lean.

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