Super Lean Cardio & Strength workout

I’m going to take advantage of the lighter morning tomorrow morning and do 2 minute intervals on the track at Bella, then go into the gym and do done weights.

Here’s what I’m planning for a hard work cardio plus strength session for tomorrow before work:

5 min warm up run to the track
6 x 2 mins fast : 2 mins recovery
5 mins cool down run
(32 mins in total)

Then I’ll go into the gym and do the following:

24s Dumbbell Deadlift (2 x 18kg)

(40 secs work: 15 secs rest, 2-3 circuits)

Romanian deadlift to Bent over row
Dumbbell Clean & Press (single arm)
Side bends left
Press ups
Side bends right
Power sledgehammer
Landmines / KB figure of 8

24s Dumbbell Deadlift or squat (2 x 18kg)

Heavy weights / hard work on an empty stomach before breakfast! 🙂

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