Damage to my Garmin 610

Here’s the damage to my Garmin 610 from this mornings little hiccup where the strap came loose.

The little silver bar managed to allow the strap at the bottom of the watch come loose and my poor little lovely Garmin fell to the ground. 😦

It now has one clear scratch on its screen, and a couple more really obvious ones around the edges. (one at the top, at 10 o clock and at 2 o clock.) Luckily it still works but it doesn’t look as nice as it once did. 😦

I’ve managed to get the strap back in place but I’ll need to be careful it doesn’t happen again.

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3 Responses to Damage to my Garmin 610

  1. Sue says:

    I’ve just traded in my polar for a garmin, can’t wait till it arrives and I can try it out!!! Will take a pic for you so u can remember what an un scratched face looks like 😉

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