Old injury reappeared

‘Dr Dr, my ankle is sore when I do this.’

‘Well don’t do that then’

Yes, an old injury seems to have reappeared for me. Since last week (when i was doing box jumps) there’s been a niggle in my ankle just where that strange line is in the photo below. (Scar tissue I think). It’s been coming on for a while, but last night it nearly made me walk out of Metafit at the start. 😦

The good news is I can run on it, but when I jump it do things like Metafit, squatting or Plyometrics it flares up again. It’s a little annoying as I was really enjoying pushing myself in Metafit and with plyo before weights.

My history with a sore ankle started when I fell and twisted my ankle a few years ago playing basketball. I was forced to take a few months out of running.

It’s no where that bad and it’s not sore when I run or cycle, so I’m going to change things up a bit and do more cardio on the bike (and running) for my intense stuff instead of plyo and Metafit.

I might also consider swimming but we’ll see. The bike work / running would be intervals totalling between 20-40 minutes I think. Building the number of intervals I do each week. And I’ll do some weights before or after it.

So here’s my plan:

Mon: am: Bike 2 min intervals & weights
Pm: rest

Tue: am: Rest
Pm: Kaizen Run Club

Wed: am: Bike 1 min intervals & weights
Pm: Swim or rest

Thu: am: 5M easy run with Gill
Pm: rest or boxing

Fri: am: Bike 3 min intervals & weights
Pm: Rest

Sat: am: Run, bike, swim or weights
Pm: Rest

Sun: am: Swim Teach, Kaizen Run Club
Pm: Rest

When I got physio before it was just a case of massaging the area, so I’ll do that again.

It could be a lot worse so I just need to mix things up a bit, cross train away from jumping about like a crazy person 😉 and see how it goes. If that doesn’t work, I’ll rest it completely.

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