Super Lean Regime Wk5

Week 5 of my Super Lean Regime this week and I did a strength workout this morning… Body Shock Power Workout. 🙂

Here’s what I’ll do this week:

Monday PM: Body Shock Express workout & 5 x 2 min intervals on bike.
: (fast) Cardio Interval run / Speedwork in the evening (10 x 30:30) with Kaizen Runners.
Wednesday Body Shock Power Workout  in the morning, then Metafit and Cardio Intervals (5 x 3 mins: 3 mins) in the evening.
Thursday will be a 5 mile run in the morning.
Friday rest and fast.
Saturday A short Body Shock Power Workout and Cardio Power Intervals (5 x 30:2 mins).
Sunday 4.5 mile run with Kaizen Runners.

Last week I didn’t do my cardio intervals as planned… however this week I’ll try and do all three cardio intervals: Speed (Tuesday), 2 min intervals (Monday), 3 min intervals (Wednesday) and maybe Power on Saturday.

For my strength I’ve decided I’m going to come up with around 3 set workouts for each strength day… Monday’s is here already.  Although I may tweak it as it wasn’t too hard!  They’ll all be based on this Super Lean Strength Matrix anyway.

For specifics on what cardio intervals in week 5, see the table above, and for the 12 week Super Lean Training plan see here. 😉

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